In 2019, we’ll be awarding $125,000 in scholarships in honor of the Foundation’s 25th anniversary.

FRS Scholarship Timeline

October: Application for Following Year Released
March 1: Application Deadline
May 1: Winners Announced


Each year, the foundation gives out $2,500 scholarships to an exceptional group of rural students for their first year of college or vocational school. Additionally, several named scholarships (listed below) are given to a select group of the over 1,500 applicants. All applicants require sponsorship by an NTCA—The Rural Broadband Association member company (which must commit to a $500 match for each winning student) to be eligible.

FRS has awarded over $1 million in scholarships since its inception; empowering rural students throughout the country to advance their communities with invaluable skillsets and experiences.

2018 FRS Scholarship Video Contest Winner

This video features Casey Vickers, a resident of DeKalb County, Tennessee and a recent winner of an FRS scholarship. It was produced internally by DTC Communications, specifically Nick Nokes (Video Production Supervisor) and Jannie Mulaski (Marketing Manager). The footage was filmed on location at the farm of Casey Vickers.

Celebrating 25 Years of FRS Scholarships

FRS Named Scholarships

Named Scholarships: The program also includes the following named scholarship opportunities (required match does not apply): Everett Kneece, JSI, TMS and Roger Alan Cox Scholarships. See below for more information.

Everett Kneece Scholarship

FRS awards one, $7,000 scholarship annually in honor of the generous philanthropist Everett Kneece, who had a passion for rural America.

Good Neighbor Scholarship

The Good Neighbor Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate what it means to be a “good neighbor” through humanitarianism, inclusion and kindness to others. Additionally, they must have demonstrated the ability to think bigger than themselves by supporting others within their community. While the academic achievements of the selected students are important, this scholarship will focus almost exclusively on youth who are working to make a difference in their rural communities and who strive to help others. Thank you to Shirley Bloomfield and Don Patterson for sponsoring these scholarships through 2019.

Herbert and Isabel Bitz Memorial Scholarship

The Herbert and Isabel Bitz Memorial Scholarship was created by Mr. Don Bitz of Montana in honor of his parents, Herbert and Isabel. The awardees of the annual $5,000 scholarship must exhibit a good knowledge of and strong dedication to rural America. Ideally, in their application they will exhibit a desire to continue to contribute to the rural community as much as possible. The awardees must be from the Northwest Region of the NTCA membership. 

JSI Scholarships

The FRS JSI Staurulakis Family Scholarships are funded by Manny and Leo Staurulakis, of JSI, in honor of their parents John and Chresanthe Staurulakis. Four $5,000 JSI scholarships are awarded each year and give preference to students with an interest in science, math, medicine, or engineering.

TMS Scholarships

Each year, two $1,500 scholarships are awarded as the TMS Scholarships. The TMS scholarship is awarded to students who are customers of Ardmore Telephone and/or West Kentucky and Tennessee Telecommunications Cooperative.

Roger Alan Cox Scholarship

Roger Cox served rural America and the rural telecommunications industry for his entire life, spending his last 27 years at Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation (ATMC).  Roger dedicated his life to improving the lives of those who live in rural America. These scholarships, three at $500 each, honor Roger’s passion and endless drive to help ensure that rural Americans have access to the same technology and education as every other American. Herman & Whiteaker, LLC sponsors this scholarship (runs through 2019).

2019 Scholarship Application

$7,000 Everett Kneece Scholarship Winner

Danika Nelson  
ENMR Plateau Telecommunications (NM)
(Southwest Region)


$5,000 Staurulakis Family Scholarship (JSI) Winners

Kaylee Laubach
Molalla Communications Company (OR)
(Northwest Region)

Sadie Vander Wal            
James Valley Cooperative Telephone Company (SD)
(North Central Region)

Nicholas Effertz
SRT Communications, Inc. (ND)
(North Central Region)

Lyndsey Spelhaug           
SRT Communications, Inc. (ND)
(North Central Region)

$1,500 TMS Scholarship Winners

Matthew Whiteaker      
West Kentucky and Tennessee Telecommunications Cooperative (KY)
(Southeast Region)

Allison Carter    
Pinnacle Communications (AR)
(Southwest Region)

$1,000 NISC Community Leadership Scholarship Winners

Chase Yancey    
Highland Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (TN)
(Southeast Region)

Gabrielle Veron
North Central Telephone Cooperative, Inc (TN)
(Southeast Region)

Remington Henson        
Wabash Communications CO-OP (IL)
(Northeast Region)

Taylor Sagen     
Arvig (MN)
(North Central Region)

Josie Wicks         
Consolidated Telcom (ND)
(North Central Region)

Marissa Diggs    
Dickey Rural Telephone Cooperative (ND)
(North Central Region)

Emma Nelson   
Federated Telephone Cooperative (MN)
(North Central Region)

Kristen Larson   
Polar Communications (ND)
(North Central Region)

Abbigayle Quinn              
Venture Communications Cooperative (SD)
(North Central Region)

Christopher Groth          
MP Nexlevel, LLC (MN)

$500 Roger Alan Cox Scholarship Winners

Kaylee Potter    
Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation (ATMC) (NC)
(Southeast Region)

Edward-Ramzie McKenzie           
Sandhill Telephone Cooperative (SC)
(Southeast Region)

Max Hagaman  
SkyLine Membership Corporation (NC)
(Southeast Region)

$2,500 FRS Scholarship Winners

Southeast Region

Kayla Miller        
Atlantic Telephone Membership Corporation (ATMC) (NC)

Christian Townson          
DTC Communications (TN)

Kelsey Gant       
Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc. (AL)

Nicholas McDuffie          
Randolph Communications (NC)

Hannah Asberry
Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation (TN)

Kamiya Shosan 
West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (SC)

Kayleigh Smith  
West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (SC)

Northeast Region

Georgia Graham              
Adams Telephone Co-Operative (IL)

Nicholas Torrance           
McDonough Telephone Cooperative (IL)

Central Region

Sidney Marek   
Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation (MO)

Leah Hinkle        
Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation (MO)

Mikayla Mattson             
GRM Networks (MO)

Robert Hutton  
GRM Networks (MO)

Kelli Horstman  
Hemingford Cooperative Telephone Company (NE)

Michael Carlson
Mark Twain Rural Telephone Company (MO)

Tyler Hook         
Pioneer Communications (KS)

Allyson Demott
Rock Port Telephone Company (MO)

Cade Shramek  
South Slope Cooperative Communications (IA)

Hannah Cottrell
Steelville Telephone Exchange, Inc. (MO)

Grant Weinhold
Wilson Communications (KS)

Logan Batchman              
Wilson Communications (KS)

North Central Region

Kathleen Schmidt            
Dickey Rural Telephone Cooperative (ND)

Jacey Schlosser
Park Region Mutual Telephone Company (MN)

Courtney Miller
TrioTel Communications, Inc. (SD)

Northwest Region

Hannah Hardin 
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (ID)

Natali Herinckx
Gervais Telephone Company (OR)

Kyleigh Pollock 
Matanuska Telephone Association, Inc. (AK)

Kiley Todd          
STRATA Networks (UT)

Donna Arganbright         
Triangle Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (MT)

Southwest Region

Jed Day
Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (TX)

Jaycee McCauley             
Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (TX)

Tamia Higgins   
ENMR Plateau Telecommunications (NM)

Abigail Macha   
South Plains Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (TX)