While our rural communities unquestionably face a number of challenges, they also have incredible stories to share...

We know a stronger, more sustainable rural America is possible—and these stories are shed light on the heart, innovation and collaboration of our rural communities.  Check back to for regular updates—or use #ruraliscool on social media to share your story about why rural America matters and is worth investing in and fighting for.





Celebrating FRS 25th Anniversary

Join us as we celebrate the achievements of FRS over a quarter century at the 25th Anniversary Gala during the 2019 Rural Telecom Industry Meeting & Expo in New Orleans (RTIME). Sign up for the Gala when you register for RTIME.



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Each year, the FRS gives back to our rural communities through our grant program. In 2018, FRS awarded 12 grants for a total of nearly $50,000.  #ruraliscool #opportunityliveshere

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Each year, FRS takes congressional staff on the Broadband Tour. The FRS Congressional Broadband Tour is an incredible tool to help educate people who make decisions that affect rural citizens each and every day. FRS programs like this tour would not be possible without the support of our donors and sponsors.


Each Spring, more than 100 students from across the country join FRS in Washington, D.C. Over four days, they explore the city, hear from experts at the FCC and Congress, and discuss how to make our rural communities better. It is a life changing experience for all those involved.




Our investment in our communities, both the soft investment from FRS and the hard investment from what we invest in our broadband networks, makes innovation possible anywhere. It is us giving back to our communities.

Geoff Feiss
FRS Board Member
Montana Telecom Association


Economic Benefits of Rural Telehealth
Rural American hospitals are closing at an unprecedented rate. According to the National Rural Health Association, nearly 700 rural hospitals are at risk of closing.

Tech Information Sharing and the Next Generation of Telecom Customers
YK Communications (YKC; Ganado, Texas) recently launched an exciting “Tech Squad” program that draws on talent from a local high school to provide free tech support to their community. The program also gives the teens exposure to the telco’s cutting-edge technologies.

2018 FRS Rural Youth App Challenge
The first year of FRS’ Rural Youth App Challenge was a big success—it was a joy and privilege to see applications filled with innovative ideas from students across rural America.

Telehealth Advances Through an FRS Grant
When a patient enters the emergency room at Trego County-Lemke Memorial Hospital (TCLMH) he or she not only can access health care resources from professionals on site, but can also tap into the expertise provided by remote facilities. 

South Dakota Congressional Broadband Tour
Each year, FRS gets to take a group of legislative aides (i.e. Capitol Hill or congressional staffers) out to rural America to teach them about rural broadband and advance their understanding of rural issues by seeing rural America firsthand.
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An FRS Scholarship Recipient, Five Years On
The FRS Scholarship program helps equip rural students with tools to strengthen communities like those they grew up in. Ileana Guzman of Artesia, N.M., was awarded an FRS Scholarship in 2010 and has used it to help propel her on an impressive journey ever since.

FRS Grantee is Transforming Rural Ohio Communities—Four Years and Counting
The initiatives supported through the 2016 Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) grant program have us excited to hear from the awardees as their projects unfold and start benefiting rural communities. 

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FRS provides pertinent educational materials for both the telecommunications community and the general public. Materials range from telecom-related white papers to informational DVDs and mailers that can be used by schools, local businesses, and government agencies. Many of our products and materials are free of charge, while others are available for purchase.