App Challenge



2018 Winners


Speed Geeks (Cloverdale, IN)


  1. Julie Helton (17)
  2. Davis Powell (17)
  3. Michaela Nees (15)
  4. Jaren Rossock (17)
  5. Harlee Pellum (16)

Sponsored by: Endeavor Communications

Goal: To support their community with tech support to help older generation learn new things that are available like iPads etc. They would also offer the customer to come once a month to a location to do hands-on support.


Water to Land (Barren County, SE KY)


  1. Josh Klein (13)
  2. Elijah Anderson (13)

Sponsored by: South Central Rural Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.

Goal: Allow tourists and the community to visit the state park and be aware of the activities surrounding it.


Cowculator (Green City, MO)


  1. Maggie White (18)
  2. Camden Williams (18)
  3. Eli Tipton (15)
  4. Zane Sizemore (15)

Sponsoring Company: Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone Company

Goal: Make cattle farmers’ jobs easier and to eventually rid the cattle industry of all of the unwanted paperwork through the use of our app. The app will make cattle information available to anyone who scans the back of cattle tags. We will introduce the app to our rural cattle farmers and hope within time they will recommend it to others.

AgExp  (Barren County)


  1. Taylor Ladd (15)
  2. Zachary Harper (16)
  3. Dylan Bragg (17)
  4. Dakota Brown (17)

Sponsored by: South Central Rural Telecommunications Cooperative, Inc.

Goal: Help farmers in community better manage crops and livestock by using app to keep track of the things they do. Also, consumer would be able to find local growers for fresh produce.