Youth Tour

Who will tell your story?

The FRS Youth Tour provides high school students from across rural America a chance to visit our nation’s capital and learn about rural telecommunications—and to tell their community’s story. Since 1995, the tour has hosted thousands of students and provides a forum for teens to meet and interact with their peers from other rural communities as well as key legislative, regulatory and government figures.

Who can attend? NTCA member companies sponsor a student from their local community to attend the tour. FRS leaves the selection of the participant entirely up to the telco. Students must be between the ages of 16 and 17.

But what if you’re a telco employee or director and want to attend? NTCA member companies can also sponsor a chaperone to attend the Youth Tour. But being a chaperone isn’t a vacation—it is hard work. We have lots of fun and learn a lot, but the tour requires long days of walking and being responsible for your own group of students.

Still not sure? Contact our Youth Tour guru Brock Streauslin at  with any questions.