Rural Youth Survey

Snapchat or Instagram? 

Telecom and tech trends are constantly changing—especially for young people. Every other year, FRS produces the Rural Youth Telecom Survey on the telecommunications and tech trends of rural American youth. This survey can be used by communications providers, consumers and policymakers alike to gauge the needs of future consumers.

After polling over 1,700 rural students...


...are online for 3 hours or more per day.


...know they receive service from a local ISP.

90% video content.

Rural Youth Tech Trends

October 12, 2017
Sponsored by Foundation for Rural Service

Young people are intrinsically connected to telecommunications technology. This webcast will feature the results of the Foundation for Rural Service’s 2017 Rural Youth Telecom Survey, which examines the tech trends of more than 1,700 rural youth, and details how they consume voice, broadband, and video services, as well as their visions for the future. Understanding young consumers in rural areas—and the wide variety of ways that technology impacts their everyday lives—provides rural communities and telecom companies alike with invaluable intelligence about their future residents and consumers.

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