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Distracted Driving

Across the United States, distracted driving has become a crucial issue, as more and more drivers are using cell phones on the roads and endangering lives. To help educate on the dangers of distracted driving, FRS has produced materials to help NTCA Member Companies educate their communities on the dangers of distracted driving.

The "Distracted… The True Story of Ashley Umscheid" DVD highlights the critical issue of distracted driving for our young people, with a personal story that will tug at your heart strings and make everyone realize that no text or call is worth giving up a life. We feel that this is one of the most important issues out there today, not only for our youth, but for everyone who uses cells phones and mobile devices. FRS believes this video could save lives and we hope you will use it to its full advantage and help your rural community become a safer place to live.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the material in this DVD is very graphic and may not be suitable for a younger audience.

The video was graciously produced and donated to the Foundation by Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative (Rainsville, Ala.). The replication and distribution of this DVD was made possible by the above four NTCA Associate Member companies who generously sponsored this project.

Click here to view a short clip from "Distracted...The True Story of Ashley Umscheid."

Click here to download the rules and regulations for the distribution of the "Distracted" DVD.

FRS also produced a mailer, Safety on the Road: Driving with Mobile Devices, to help raise awareness of the dangers of driving with your mobile device. It provides important tips and information on how to be safe while on the road. This mailer can be used as a bill stuffer or to distribute at local schools and community events.

To order copies of the Distracted Driving DVD or Mailer, please visit the FRS E-Store.