Change is one constant in the history of successful rural economic development. The FRS website will help you respond and adjust to meet your community needs whether you are in the midst of good or bad economic times. We owe it to our youth and our rural communities to participate in economic development.”
Dana Baker
- GVNW Consulting

ACE School

Occasionally, FRS gets to hear about a great opportunity and we like to share it with our members and supporters. We work very closely with ACE (Association of Communication Engineers) and are always excited to tell you more about what they are doing, both within the telecommunications industry and within the domain of rural America. Every other year, ACE holds their ACE School and Joint RUS Symposium.

This year the school will take place May 6-9th, in Fort Worth, Texas. Registration is an all-inclusive $395 per attendee and since ACE is a non-profit organization, proceeds from the school go directly back in to rural America, via our Foundation (FRS) as well as the Foundation for Rural Education & Development (FRED).

So, you all can take valuable courses and gain insights in to the cutting edge broadband technology that is available for your business and you can support our rural communities at the same time – a pretty great deal, from where I’m standing!

Check them out at and don’t forget to check out our new website, too, at – we look forward to getting your feedback.