FRS Educational Materials turn complex communications issues into something that is easy to understand for our customers and for decision makers in Washington. The value and importance of the FRS Educational Materials to rural America is immense.”
Ron Hinds
- Grand River Mutual Telephone Corporation

Informational Mailers & Educational Products

Rural Telecom Whitepapers 

FRS launched the Rural Telecom Educational Series as part of an ongoing effort to promote rural telecom and educate those who will determine its future. The series has played a vital role in educating both national and local policy-makers on the issues facing community-based telecom providers. FRS publishes papers on an ongoing basis that highlight critical issues to rural telecommunications, such as universal service, net neutrality and wireless technology. One copy of each paper is complimentary; additional copies are available for purchase.

Educational Products 

As part of its ongoing campaign to educate the public about the telecommunications industry and raise general awareness about industry-related consumer issues, the Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) produces informational mailers or "bill stuffers" that focus on varying issues facing the telecommunications industry. The mailers are an excellent way to educate your customers on telecom issues in Rural America.

This ongoing educational initiative is generously supported by the Rural Telephone Finance Cooperative (RTFC) in Herndon, VA.

The Foundation creates a wide variety of additional materials based on the ongoing needs and interests of NTCA members.  To learn more about all of these products and to place your order, please visit the FRS estore.